5 Affordable Ideas to Perk-Up Your Patio for the Summer

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5 Affordable Ideas to Perk-Up Your Patio for the Summer

Summer is the time to let go of all those bulky clothes and enjoy the warm weather outside. It is a time to soak up the sun and make the most out of it, whether it’s at the beach or park. Summer is also the time to jazz up your exterior home décor, and if your house is blessed with a patio, it is time to let it welcome summer. Here are a few affordable tips to perk-up your patio that will not burn your pocket.

Add Fresh New Color to Your Old Furniture


Long gone is winter and it’s time to add a new light to your patio, and to do exactly that, paint your old furniture with fresh paint or even spray paint. With so many colors to choose from and for just about any surface, you can easily choose the one that will go well with the surrounding. The best part is that it is easy, affordable, and fun. So head over to the closest store, put on your working clothes, and paint that old furniture to its new glory.

Add an Umbrella

Adding an umbrella to your patio is sure to bring in a beach-like feeling. If not, it definitely adds to the aesthetic appeal of the whole area and saves you from the scorching sun. The best idea is to purchase a big umbrella. However, make sure that the color it is nothing too contrasting compared to the other colors in the patio and most definitely, no dark colors.

Color-Up That Deck

If your patio is above a deck made out of concrete like pavers, color them up. However, this doesn’t mean that you go on and color the whole deck, no. Choose random blocks and paint them over with different colors. They are easy and take out the whole boring look from the slabs of concrete.

Add flowers and Herbs

Summer is all about the best in nature. Therefore, plant flowers and herbs in small pots and decoratively place them on your patio. But, before you go ahead and do this, make sure that you are getting the right flowers and herbs as different plants have different needs. If you have kids, get them involved as this will also be a good learning opportunity for them. Another idea is to hang flower pots from a high-rise or on the wall. Do make sure that you regularly water these plants according to its requirement.

Light It Up

There is nothing like enjoying a warm evening where your surrounding is lit up with beautiful lights. You can place pillar candles on the table or containers, or even purchase lamps of your choice. Moreover, there are end numbers of DIYs for light décor that you can easily get from the internet. For example, place candles of different sizes on a metal disk and suspend it by chains. You can even add draping plants around the candles to give it a soft and romantic feel to your patio.

With so many ways to liven your patio, welcome summer with you know best.

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