Our Process

First Interaction

All Around Fencing is a custom Fence and Deck installer. Once you have requested a quote,you will be contacted by one of our sales team members. We will take into account your ideas and expectations, and if possible provide you with a phone estimate (should you have measurements). Every project is unique, therefore a mandatory site inspection will be required to confirm the final project cost and specification.

Site Inspection

The site inspection is an asset and is as informative for us as it is for you, our client. During the site inspection, we will take all required measurements while discussing the pros and cons to certain products as well as different ideas for design.  Simple quotes will be rendered immediately, while the more sophisticated ones will be delivered in a timely manner, usually by email.

Quotes and Confirmations

Upon approval of the project by the customer, a meeting is then scheduled for finalization of the contract. Please note that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to locate Rogers, Bell and any Gas or Hydro lines. This step could take a minimum of 5 business days to complete. We would be happy to take care of this for you, but please let us know as soon as possible. We encourage you to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Construction Process

We ask that the outside water valve be turned on and easy to access. Our trained professionals will begin by marking out the fence line based on the design provided by yourself and our sales team member. Then, the posts will be set in concrete and the leftover soil taken from the ground will be removed from the site. Concrete usually takes 12-24 hours to set, therefore you should expect our building team to follow up on the next day.

It is highly recommended that you be on site for the final phase of construction. Upon completion of your project, our supervisor will walk you through the entire project. When, and only when you are satisfied with the completion of the project, it shall be considered complete. A final clean up is then conducted and any left over construction debris will be removed.

We will follow up to make sure you’re satisfied with our work

Don’t be surprised if your contacted by our friendly  sales team, webmaster or owner to follow up to see how your project went and address any concerns that you might have had during the entire process. We absolutely appreciate your feedback; all of our employees are reviewed based on your comments and their performance during your project.