PVC Deck Installation in Ottawa

Your vision for your own outdoors is reflected in your every choice—right down to the handrails. So whether you’re playing host or homebody, Trex makes it simple to create the kind of vision you’ve always had in mind. By staying ahead of the design curve, we make sure your outdoor space will wow during the day, glow bright at night and stay radiant for years to come.

Gorilla Deck G3 system is manufactured by Homeland Vinyl Products specifically for harsh northern climates, engineered for strength, beauty, and design flexibility. The toughest PVC profiles the with most advanced UV protection under the sun, our ACCU-Shield® formulation. ACCU-Shield is our protective outer layer engineered to significantly reduce oxidation and the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even in harsh climates,It is backed by Homeland’s limited lifetime warranty and is protected by our ACCU-Shield® formulation. You can feel confident you are getting a proven product to stand up against the elements.

Dug Proper Depth Every Time!

We use the Toro Dingo to dig our holes, we only require 42 inches of clearance to get our machine in to do the job right the first time! Our post holes are dug to 5 ft for decks and 3.5 ft for fences with minimal to no damage to your landscape. We  use the proper tools to make your project go smooth,  meet our deadlines, ensure the longevity of your projects life and just all around provide a better experience.

Deck Frames

Unless your using  Trex steel joists for your deck framing, 99% of all deck frames are pressure treated wood. We take the time to ensure that the lifetime longevity of the pressure treated frame is met by covering any required cuts  with end cut preservative. This prevents rot and mildew forming on areas that might have been exposed otherwise. We do it right!

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We strive for excellence and have the track record to prove it.

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