Over the past decade, millions of Canadians have rushed to makeover their gardens with trendy, maintenance-free decking and not without good reason. Decking can turn any garden into an extension of the home’s living room or transform outdoor space into a Mediterranean-style idyll complete with ornaments, barbecues and gazebos. There is some evidence, though, that interest in decking might be on the wane so today we’ll be looking at the reasons why this might be the case.

Why Are People Reinstalling Their Lawns?

If you look at the reasons why people remove their decking and go back to lawns, they all revolve around poor planning, incorrect installation or wrong material choices. Canadian pest controllers have suggested that decking provides an ideal home for rats and mice populations to flourish that grass lawns do not. This is primarily due to people cutting corners during installation. Other reasons for people ripping up their decking include faulty design and preference for the look and feel of the garden. If people feel that decking takes up too much space, they simply never planned their garden properly prior to installation. Decking is a great way to establish an outdoor area but it should compliment a lawn, not replace it.

Are We Seeing The Death Of Decking?

Anyone who says their decking takes up too much space, looks out of place or puts too much wood in their garden simply started off with the wrong plan. Those with pest issues likely cut corners on the installation while those who say their decking looks ugly or dated simply used cheap decking material. If we look through all of these reasons we see how it’s user-error that’s the root cause of decking dissatisfaction. The great news is that decking installation is quicker and cheaper than ever and the latest materials are genuinely maintenance free. There are more reasons than ever before to utilize decking in your garden.

You Need A Pro

If anything, the waning popularity of decking simply serves to highlight the need for professional planning, installation and maintenance. Each year hundreds of thousands of Canadians damage their homes trying to copy things they saw on DIY shows. It looks so easy on TV and people forget that makeover shows rely on highly skilled professionals. To get the most out of decking you need to right material, a great plan and the correct setup to make it work. Here is your three-point plan to getting it right.

1. Plan To Succeed

Decking needs to compliment your garden, not constrict it. Consider professional 3D rendering software to see what your ideas will look like before you try them and prevent turning your garden into an ocean of planks.

2. Choose Durable Decking

Homeowners who rip up decking because it looked old and worn usually bought bargain-basement decking. Modern composite decking that combines the best qualities of wood and PVC will stay looking beautiful for decades without the need for sanding or staining.

3. Invest In Installation

Professional installation from deck contractors in Ottawa will get you a long warranty as part of the service. With the right methods, problems such as rodent infestations are virtually eliminated.