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What does the by-law say?

The Fence By-law sets a maximum height for fences on residential properties at 213 centimetres (7 feet), with the exception of the front yard for which the maximum fence height is 1 meter (3.28 feet).

The maximum allowable fence height for industrial or commercial properties is 3 metres (9 feet, 10 inches).

A fence cannot be constructed of barbed or sharp material (including chicken wire) and cannot project an electric current.

The by-law sets minimum standards for the maintenance and repair of fences. It institutes a “good neighbour policy” where the finished side of the fence must face toward the neighbouring property and street.

Fences on agricultural lands are exempt from the height restrictions and maintenance standards contained in the by-law.

The height of hedges, bushes and trees that serve as natural screening are not regulated under the Fence By-law. They should however be maintained so as not to create a hazard, in accordance with other relevant by-laws.

The Fence By-law does not regulate the location of a fence in relation to the property line. It also does not regulate cost sharing for a fence between neighbouring property owners.

For information on fences surrounding pools, refer to the Pool Enclosure By-law No. 2001-259.

Remember to “call before you dig”

  • Contact the Ontario One-Call Service at 1-800-400-2255 to arrange for locates on your property.
  • We would be happy to call on your behalf, with verbal permission of the property owner.  Please note that locates usually take 7-10 days to be completed when called in by a contractor.