Wooden Deck Installation in Ottawa

Wood is affordable, naturally renewable and can be used to build a deck in a variety of styles. It can be painted or stained to your liking, and will last many years to come if properly maintained.Primarily Cedar is used for its qualities really the option to pick your wood is totally up to you… We have sourced a few places. Home Hardware in Richmond Hill, they have fairly good selection and it is stored properly with great customer service.

If your looking for more of a selection The Wood Source comes highly recommended by us and many other contractors in the Ottawa surrounding area.

  • 38 varieties of domestic and exotic kiln-dried hardwoods
  • Eastern white pine
  • A broad range of specialty plywoods
  • Hardwood and softwood flooring
  • A variety of quality mouldings
  • Douglas Fir in both Board and Beam stock
  • Premium grade Western Red Cedar shipped directly from selected BC mills

Dug Proper Depth Every Time!

We use the Toro Dingo to dig our holes, we only require 42 inches of clearance to get our machine in to do the job right the first time! Our post holes are dug to 5 ft for decks and 3.5 ft for fences with minimal to no damage to your landscape. We  use the proper tools to make your project go smooth,  meet our deadlines, ensure the longevity of your projects life and just all around provide a better experience.

Deck Frames

Unless your using  Trex steel joists for your deck framing, 99% of all deck frames are pressure treated wood. We take the time to ensure that the lifetime longevity of the pressure treated frame is met by covering any required cuts  with end cut preservative. This prevents rot and mildew forming on areas that might have been exposed otherwise. We do it right!

Over 800+ Satisfied Clients And Counting

We strive for excellence and have the track record to prove it.

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